Passion And Determination Burn White Hot In "This Earl Is On Fire"

— feeling love
This Earl Is on Fire: The Season's Original Series - Vivienne Lorret

Few things shock Liam Cavanaugh. The much scandalized Earl of Wolford is no stranger to the rumor mill. Whether it be by way of the scandal sheets or word of mouth. But when he finds himself injured, unable to see, and in a strange bed. Liam becomes all to aware that this latest scandal is far more truth than anything that even he is prepared for.

Adeline Pimm has always longed for adventure. A desire long denied her. Due to an injury at her birth; which left one leg shorter than the other. But now, a full grown woman of 22. Adeline is determined to make a London showing. Proving that though her stem may be a little bent, she is far from anyone's shrinking violet.

This second offering in Vivienne Lorett's Season's Original series, offers quite the step up from its predecessor. Making quite the grand showing in character development, character interaction, pacing, setting, and plot. This Earl Is On Fire is no less than Historical Romance perfection.

While Adeline's disability (and I use that term loosely) does come into play within the course of this read. It is thankfully not allowed center stage. That honor being rightfully reserved for the wonderfully "sickbed romance" that takes place when Adeline is left to nurse a very battered Liam back to health. A time so full of interpersonal connection between the two, that one is sorry to see it end.

But end it does, and then its off to the dances! Well, there is also an opera thrown in for good measure. A time filled with all the snobbery and tongue wagging that the ton can muster.
But surprisingly, most of that is still reserved for Liam. Who is gallantly doing his best to shield Adeline from its worst.

There is as always the bet and wagers about Liam's chances at becoming the next Original. There is also a secondary plotline centring around the pilfering of Liam's extensive antiquity collection. But for the most part, the attention remains with Liam, Adeline, and their fight for love. In spite of themselves.