"A Rogue By Any Other Name" Is One Sweet Read

A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean

 The story told in A Rogue by Any Other Name is one that manages to both exasperate and delight.  Exasperation is supplied in spades by leading lady Penelope's insistence that a past suitor's decision to marry another, gives her family card blanche to lay the her sister's woes in the marriage mart at her feet.


The thought that the price for her hand had to be sweetened with the addition of leading man Michael's lost land holdings, and that all of the childish and asinine actions of the entitled males of the set then become the worry stones of the woman who are constantly forced to lay the world at their feet.  


Can I scream now?


O.K.  Off the soapbox I go!


Michael is divine as a character.  The way that he came, saw, and kidnapped!!!!


He is just the right combination of rogue, gentleman, and tortured soul, that readers of Regency Romance love.

The fact that he is a self made man...so much the better!


The fact that Penelope is an older heroine, and still stuck in the virginal ingenue role is very off putting.

I mean you would expect a girl to know a little more about herself and be a little more comfortable in her own skin by 28?

This poor girl.  That is what she is in most respects despite her years, spent more time covering up and blushing than a nun in church.


The letters that started between the two in childhood, gave a great understanding of the depth of feeling that the two shared, and provided a glimpse into the great love that could have been from the start...had fate and deception not intervened.


The love scenes are first rate, and they seem to build and intensify as the relationship between Michael and Penelope deepens.

Topping all of this off is the dramatic and very emotional ending to this whole saga, which is enough to have the reader riding the edge of her/his seat and reaching for the Kleenex.