Miss Chatterley May Leave Readers Cold

Miss Chatterley, Part I: Hungry - Logan Belle

While this story on it's own is not one that is unique; it is a fair start for a series. Breaking what should be a complete book into 4 parts, exposes weaknesses in story composition which could have been excused as story rhythm if presented as a full novel. Connie seems quite spoiled and dependent on Cliff to be the source of her happiness.  The author is treading on dangerous ground by using Connie's loneliness as the sole reason for her affair.  Cliff clearly loves her, has not strayed, and is in the process of launching a company. By making her sole reason for cheating her need for attention, the character establishes herself as the story's villain from the start. The attraction that Connie has to her trainer, Mellors, is the saving grace for this read. The passion between them is enough to make readers' mouths water.
The sex scenes found here, while nothing to sneeze at, are no more steamy than those found in mainstream romance novels.
If this is truly to be a retelling of the iconic "Lady Chatterley's Lover; it has a lot of growing to do.